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The day-to-day management of your home is becoming less complicated because you have the option to make your life easier with home automation. Almost anything in the home can be automated, from washing and vacuuming floors to opening and closing curtains. With automatic drapes, you can choose how much light you desire to have in your room giving you a multimillion-dollar home feel for a fraction of the cost.

We offer electric drapes that are an ideal choice for anyone and all who wish to streamline the functionality of their home with affordable options to make any home a cozier one. 

Make your home feel brand new again by giving it the luxury of control and seeing what an absolute joy it is to have a connected home. Enjoy the convenience of automated drapery by employing our drape service.

As a home automation company, we offer quality services that are an excellent choice for families with children and pets. Even when you are away, you can tap into your secure network to adjust your drapes, or any other smart device while on vacation.

It’s all available to you as soon as you set up a consultation with us. Get you a 100% FREE quote and let us show you what we can do for you and your family’s home. You can also check out our other services to see what possibilities you can equip your home with.

All the Luxury at a Fraction of Cost

Boosts Energy Efficiency in your Home

Electric blinds improve your home's energy efficiency by insulating and regulating natural light. It will also provide incredible settings for each and every room in the house to take advantage of your home’s natural light. In addition, you can set the blinds to open and close at specific times of day for maximum lighting. Together, these factors help reduce your utility bills.

Improves Sleep Quality and Helps You Wake Up Naturally

When it’s time for sleep, lighting can play a major factor in the quality of sleep you get. Installing drapes in bedrooms is the best way to reduce these problems.

Choosing a drape with maximum light-blocking opacity will help your bedroom stay as dark as possible to enhance sleep quality. If the electric blinds are set to open gradually in the morning, you will wake up slowly and naturally instead of waking up suddenly. Our drapery service can benefit everyone in the home, and it’s a great choice for bedrooms.

Protect Your Interior

You can say goodbye to upholstery, carpets, or artwork damaged by the sun. When you use window treatments that allow soft, filtered light, you can eliminate the risk of discolouring everything in the house. Besides, you can select any window covering style and schedule it to close during the day when you know the sun is strong.

Their automated drape offers improved home connectivity. When installed in any room, the sensor can measure light or heat and adjust the drapes accordingly.