Automated Lighting Controls

The lighting control system in your home is highly essential as it is usually the core component of your smart home. Therefore, it can determine the capability of the whole automation system in your home. We are a certified provider of lighting control systems the work with reputable and trusted lighting brands. Based on our experience, we work with you to kick around design options and and installs the system that’s perfect for your home rather than imposing a system that will not meet your needs.

To make your home smarter we can work with any budget whether you want to replace traditional light switches with stylish keypads, touchscreens, and remote controls, allowing you to schedule on and off times, use motion sensors to turn lights on, configure dimming requirements, monitor energy savings, and more. You can even create lighting for special environments like entertainment, relaxation, reading, or romance. Just press a button to select a scene to create the atmosphere you want. Whatever you need, we can deliver!

While designing an attractive and modern lightning system, we plan according to your lifestyle, helping you create a warm feeling for your home from the very beginning. The most important thing is capturing the right mood for the right occasion, whether to welcome you home, to entertain guests, or to retire for bed and end the night with a simple push of a button. Each touchscreen can be configured with different “scenes” of the lighting.

Full Lighting Control

In addition, the lighting system offers you the opportunity to control your lights anywhere or at any time regardless of position or distance. It can help you ensure the outside light are on to welcome you home after work. Another thing is saving energy by working the system to turn off lights in the vacant rooms. Lighting scenes are just one of the interesting aspects of smart home lighting. In addition to pre-programmed scenes, the keyboard location can be positioned in key areas of your home, ensuring one-click access to your home's lights is right at your fingertips.

The lighting control along with our other automation services is very suitable for new buildings or apartments under renovation. The light wires are placed in a central location, such as in a storage room so that a group of switches (or what we call "wall acne") is not needed, but elegant keypads.


You can easily control the lighting system on your favourite devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. In addition, many systems offer remote controls or wall-mounted control centres. These options can be easily adjusted in a few seconds.

Greater Energy Efficiency

With the help of an automated lighting system, you can ensure that you get the right lighting only when and where you need it, instead of turning on lights in an empty room all day and wasting resources daily.

Enhanced Security

You can say goodbye to the difficulties that come with finding your way to the bathroom at night. Sensors can help you find your way around the house easily; just press a button in the app to turn on the light before you get up. Besides, you can set the bedroom lighting to imitate sunrise and sunset, allowing you to wake up and fall asleep with ease.